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Functional Fillers for Cosmetic Applications

Functional Fillers with RonaFlair® for cosmetic applications sold by Surface Solutions, business owned by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Whether you're enhancing skin's radiance or seeking a flawless matte appeal, RonaFlair® Functional Fillers use highly engineered raw materials that not only wear comfortably but also add a luxurious finish.


Modern cosmetics must meet high expectations. Where some want a matte finish, others are after the ultimate dewy complexion. Some may not be too concerned about radiance, and just want products that wear well and feel comfortable on their skin. Whatever you want your products to offer, we have the secret ingredient that will support your claims: RonaFlair® functional fillers.

Benefits of our dynamic, RonaFlair® functional fillers include:

  • Small-sized and multitalented ingredients
  • Enhanced wear and feel properties
  • Instant visual skin perfection
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Perfect for outstanding formulations


Mattifying functional fillers from our RonaFlair® portfolio


The comfortable, powdery textures achieved with RonaFlair® functional fillers leave the skin looking matte, bright, and healthy. They are second to none when it comes to toning down the glow and providing a lasting matte finish. Products formulated with these fillers will win over consumers who want the power to diminish shine and imperfections.

Skin Correction functional fillers from our RonaFlair® portfolio


These fillers contribute to a natural look with a much smoother appearance. They use light diffusion for instant perfection, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And for skin tone balancing, sophisticated, low-luster interference fillers can easily diminish undesired tones in any complexion.

Texture Improvement functional fillers from our RonaFlair® portfolio


RonaFlair® functional fillers offer unbeatable texture. They add silky smooth body to formulations, making them softer and richer to the touch. Thanks to superior skin adhesion, they enhance products for incredible, long-lasting wear. With other great benefits like better pay-off, smooth application, and improved binding capacity, RonaFlair® fillers are the ideal addition to any cosmetic product.