Coatings Effect Pigments preview Application by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Biflair® for silky luster effects

Biflair® effect pigments are brilliant silver-white with a silky luster that gives the impression of liquid metal.


Biflair® effect pigments are brilliant silver-white. Their unique, intense silky luster gives the impression of liquid metal, combining a high degree of whiteness with outstanding hiding ability.

Product features

  • Satiny silver effect
  • Soft and noble character
  • Creates an appearance you want to touch


  • Brilliant silver-white pigments
  • Deep silky-satin luster
  • Tinting flexibility expands color palette possibilities

BIFLAIR® effect pigments

  • Coatings 

The three-dimensional appearance and intense silky luster of Biflair® effect pigments add value to printed materials, plastics, leather, wood and industrial coatings, as well as artists' and dispersion paints. For example, they give household appliances, consumer electronics products, as well as sports and high-tech devices, an exclusive or futuristic look. 

The versatile Biflair® effect pigments can be mixed with many different organic and inorganic pigments, thereby creating a wide spectrum of colors. Combining them with our classic Iriodin® effect pigments range offers an almost unlimited number of effects. 

  • Printing & plastics

The three-dimensional quality and intense silky luster of Biflair® effect pigments add value to cast resin and print products. Their pearl luster and mother-of-pearl effects are used particularly in fashion accessories. The Biflair® range was developed especially for use in unsaturated polyester resins, and creates silver-white luster effects of unrivaled brilliance on buttons, for example. In offset, flexo, and gravure printing and pressure processes, the product family's easy handling and homogeneous pigment distribution on the print sheet make it stand out – for a shining appearance in packaging and brochures.


Biflair® products are pastes with effect pigments based on bismuth oxychloride (BiOCl), which is extracted in a special crystallization process. With their brilliance and deep effect, the luster of BiOCl crystals cannot be matched by pearlescent pigments made from mica platelets. Thanks to their square or octagonal shape of platelets and tight particle size distribution, the semitransparent crystals form an even, fine appearance with soft, subtle luster effects. Biflair® pigment pastes are available in a range of dispersions for a wide variety of binder systems.

  • Nonleafing pigment
  • Based on nontoxic, synthetically produced bismuth oxychloride
  • Platelets have a defined symmetrical shape and a narrow particle size distribution