Coatings Effect Pigments preview Application by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany


Meoxal® effect pigments captivates with outstanding color saturation and metallic brilliance with patented technology.


Meoxal® captivates with its outstanding color saturation and exceptional brilliance. The individual particles, which are based on aluminum platelets, create an elegant sparkle. 

Product features

  • Seductive intensity
  • Radiating warmth and purity
  • Metallic appearance


  • Enormous brilliance with outstanding color saturation
  • Elegant sparkle effects of individual particles
  • Luminous metal effect

Meoxal® Victoria Red
Meoxal® Victoria Red

The Great Victoria Desert: Breathtaking beauty composed of red earth, drought-defying flora & the radiant horizon. Meoxal® Victoria Red captivates with its intense color & extraordinary brilliance.

Meoxal® Atacama Red
Meoxal® Atacama Red

This effect pigment is so intense and pure that it almost seems to radiate light. The combination of metal oxides and patented layering know-how in Meoxal® creates amazing brilliant effects. 

Meoxal® Taklamakan Gold
Meoxal® Taklamakan Gold

The nearly perfect interpretation of the beautiful dance sand grains perform as orchestrated by the wind. This pigment enables a new range of effects and stylings, in the golden, green, red, and brown color range.

Meoxal® Wahiba Orange
Meoxal® Wahiba Orange

The wild sea of desert sand immerses us into a world of bright and vibrant colors. Meoxal® Wahiba Orange is impressive with its outstanding color saturation and high brilliance.


With its optimized particle size distribution and specific surface treatment, Meoxal® fulfills the requirements of high-end applications such as automotive and plastic coatings. All Meoxal® products are easy to use with no additional passivation process necessary in waterborne coating systems.


The luminous metal effect pigments of the Meoxal® product series are the result of development of well-known substrate layering technology to a new level. Innovative, patented passivation layering allows aluminum flakes and iron oxide to be combined. This combination gives Meoxal® incredible color saturation and metallic brilliance.


All Meoxal® pigments have a special surface treatment: CWT, which stands for "carbitol and weather treated". This special surface treatment makes Meoxal® perfectly suited for a multitude of high-performance applications – especially for automotive and plastic coatings and other high-end exterior applications. Moreover, no additional passivation process is necessary in waterborne coating systems.

Meoxal® effect pigments can be combined with many other conventional absorption and effect pigments for the most diverse color nuances.