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Our RonaFlair® portfolio uses highly-engineered raw materials that not only wear comfortably, but also add a luxurious finish to both skin and cosmetic products.


Modern cosmetics have to meet high expectations. Where some want an absolutely matte finish, others are after the ultimate dewy complexion. Some might not be too fussed about radiance, but just want products that wear well and feel comfortable on their skin. Whatever you want your products to offer, we have the secret ingredient that will support your claims: RonaFlair® functional fillers.

These dynamic, functional fillers offer:

  • Visual skin perfection
  • Small-sized and multitalented ingredients
  • Outstanding and easy-to-use formulations 


Discover Ou / r Specialty

Our range of specialty fillers includes a variety of Functional Fillers based on different substrates. Spherically-shaped RonaFlair® Flawless and RonaFlair® LDP White have been designed to provide maximum reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. RonaFlair® M-Sphere and RonaFlair® Soft Sphere offer an extraordinary gliding effect on the skin thanks to their special ball-bearing structure. For a discrete mattifying effect and an even spread on the skin, we recommend RonaFlair® Softshade. Or, whenever the aim is to formulate pastel shade powders with reduced pearlescence and a light-diffusing effect, RonaFlair® Extender W is a top choice.

Make Way For Pure Mica

Looking for fillers with luxurious skin feel, enhanced skin adhesion and pleasant slip? Meet our pure mica fillers: RonaFlair® Mica MRonaFlair® Silk Mica, and RonaFlair® SynMica M. These pure mica fillers impart a smooth texture and act as anti-caking agents. 

Powerful Powders

RonaFlair® bismuth oxychloride powders are dense, white, fine, particle-sized functional fillers that provide smooth, even application, good adhesion, and excellent compressibility. The appearance ranges from the very matte RonaFlair® ESQ, which provides a soft focus effect, to the more lustrous and radiant RonaFlair® Fines and RonaFlair® LF-2000.

Meet Your Matte-Makers

Our RonaFlair® Boroneige line features five products with different particle sizes–the smaller the particle size, the more covering the products are. They all come with a matte powder appearance and a proven light-diffusing effect. These products are highly effective in decorative cosmetic products as well as skin care products.