Coatings Effect Pigments preview Application by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany


Xirallic® pigments lend their fascinating and vivid living sparkle® to every surface.


Characterized by their strong sparkle effects, Xirallic® products are optimized for brilliant automotive coatings, yet versatile enough for printing and plastics applications. Their powerful, extremely pure chroma and sparkle leave a strong impression.

Product features

  • Dynamic swirl of light
  • Moving surfaces   
  • Ever changing reflections 


  • Combines lively sparkle with shimmer that has never been achieved before
  • Creates an unexpected deep luster and extraordinary sparkle in coatings
  • High color intensity and purity
  • Sunlight shows off the products' unparalleled brilliance

 This patented pigment is designed to make its mark.    


Automotive coatings

The extraordinary color saturation and depth of Xirallic®, as well as it universal technical usability, truly shine in automotive coatings. Xirallic® products produce some of the finest auto finishes on the road. Xirallic® NXT takes all this to the next level.

Thanks to the small flakes and tight particle size distribution Xirallic® effect pigments are ideal for most applications including plastic coatings, powder coatings, and dispersion paints.    


The secret of Xirallic® lies in the structural makeup: aluminum oxide flakes with perfectly planar surfaces are coated to perfection with highly refractive metal oxides.

At the center: a shimmering crystal

The name 'crystal effect pigments' describes the key feature of the Xirallic® family: their strong sparkle effect comes from a crystal that is obtained in a unique process. This produces alumina platelets with perfectly consistent, highly reflective surfaces and tight particle size distribution. Its uniquely fine particle size makes Xirallic® easier to process – a clear advantage over most other pigments, whose strong glitter effect is based on larger particles. Because the substrate of Xirallic® has no masstone color, pure effects can be produced even in white stylings. Its high level of transparency also makes it ideally suited to dark stylings without cloudiness.

Metal oxides for strong colors and resistance

A layer of highly refractive metal oxides gives Xirallic® its extraordinary color saturation. Silver-white effect pigments as well as interference pigments in gold, red, blue, green, violet and turquoise can be generated using titanium oxide in varying degrees of thickness. Layers of iron (III) oxide produce copper-colored and red effect pigments.