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True beauty has a depth to it that goes below the surface. From decorative printing to high-quality coatings, our effect pigments have been helping make the world a more colorful — and functional — place for more than half a century.


Chromophoric absorption pigments:

Pigments are colorants that are insoluble in an application medium. Absorption pigments (white, colored, and black pigments) are chromophoric pigments. They produce true colors by absorbing a part of the light spectrum and reflecting the rest as color.

Eye-catching effect pigments:

Effect pigments hold a special position among pigments. They are suitable for extraordinary color designs and special visual effects such as luster, sparkle or effect pigments that depend on the refractive index. The basis for these effects is the interplay between light and matter. The most important physical phenomena operating here are absorption, scattering, reflection, and transmission. The impact of light rays on selected materials or combinations of materials produces not only colors but also attractive special effects.

Classic pearl luster pigments:

The substrate of classic pearl luster pigments consists of natural muscovite mica. This can be split into atomically flat platelets, which serve as a synthesis agent to produce thin layers. In the aqueous phase of the production process, metal oxides with a high refractive index – TiO2 or iron oxides – are precipitated on the surface. The resulting oxidic layer produces various transmission or interference colors, respectively.


Biflair® - Silky silver luster effect pigments


With their uniquely intense silky luster, the brilliant Biflair® silver luster effect pigments create the impression of liquid metal in coatings. Owing to their square or octagonal shape, the semi-transparent crystals develop an even, fine appearance with a subtle, satiny sheen.



On one hand outstanding high chromatic stylings can be realized with Colorstream® Lava Red, a pigment of dynamic color and harmony. On the other hand the unique subtle to bold color travel of Colorstream® allows elegant to energetic styling effects.



In the 1960s, our experts succeeded in producing market-ready pearl luster pigments. We gave coating manufacturers a new design tool. When applied, the pigments create one-of-a-kind luster and color effects that we otherwise see only in nature with pearls.



Under the theme "Desert Colors", the Meoxal® pigment names aptly express the unmistakable product features of this color-intensive concept pigment series. The pigment names refer to the predominant colors of their respective deserts.

Miraval® - Colorful glass effect pigments


Glass effect pigments that combine luminous glitter with subtle rainbow effects and fantastic reflective power. The pigment family gives coatings a special extravagance and value with their dazzling shine and exceptionally brilliant-colored sparkle.

Pyrisma® Effect Pigments


Innovative pigments developed primarily for the needs of the coatings industry. We call these high performance interference pigments "Custom Pearl Pigments", in which the particle size distribution, color, and application specific properties have been optimized at the same time.



Characterized by their strong sparkle effects, Xirallic® products are optimized for brilliant coatings, especially automotive applications. Their powerful, extremely pure chroma and Living Sparkle® create a strong impression on every surface.

Xirallic® NXT


Xirallic® NXT effect pigments combine powerful color, sparkling elegance and unmistakable purity. Specially developed for automotive coatings, Xirallic® NXT effect pigments provide exceptional sparkle and color travel as well as superior performance.

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