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Cosmetics & Personal Care

Our cosmetics ingredients provide visual impact and proven results to put a distinctive mark on your brand. Give your customers the look they desire with expertly crafted formulations for vibrant effects.


Cosmetics is a dynamic and forward-thinking industry. We realize that the competition can be tough in this sector. This drives us to continuously innovate and find new ways to enable creativity. We have put together an outstanding range of tools to help our customers create products that stand out. Our business has unparalleled global experience in developing innovative and reliable, high-quality raw materials for cosmetics products. In our one-of-a-kind portfolio we combine exceptional ingredients for powerful skin care, personal care cosmetics and color effect applications that outshine their competition. Through our innovation and insight, beauty and glamour rise to new heights. Join us as we take your brand to spectacular ventures in the fascinating world of beauty.



As the industry's effects expert, we offer the broadest portfolio of cosmetics pigments based on seven different substrates and coating technologies. Looking to create a specific effect with pigments? Take a look at our portfolio! Special effects turn attractive cosmetic products into the most wanted items with shimmering or sparkling iridescent effects. A variety of colors and effects offer countless combinations for beautiful cosmetics.


We understand that consumers expect a lot from their cosmetic products. So, we offer a broad range of pure, safe ingredients and raw materials that go beyond beauty. Our powerful RonaCare® skincare line features innovative cosmetic ingredients with applications ranging from anti-aging, moisturizing to soothing sensation and lots more – all scientifically proven to deliver great results.


Our portfolio has a wide range of high-quality ingredients tailored to meet the diverse needs of the cosmetic industry. Whether you're a formulator, creator, or beauty enthusiast, our products offer endless possibilities to bring your vision to life. But that's not all! Behind the scenes, we have curated a wealth of exclusive content that will inspire and empower you. Unveil the secrets of successful formulations, uncover the latest trends, and explore sustainability practices that drive the future of cosmetics.

With a simple registration, you'll gain access to everything! A treasure trove of valuable resources, tools, PDF, sample and quote requests, and much more. Immerse yourself in a world of cosmetic knowledge that will elevate your craft.

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