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Coatings applications with decorative effect pigments by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

These days, we encounter varnishes and coatings everywhere, finding them above all in the automotive sector, in architecture, consumer electronics and in a multitude of other consumer products. They protect surfaces and contribute significantly to appealing product design. Shapes, colors, and effects attract us; they communicate, fascinate, motivate, and spark emotions.


Consumers frequently make their purchasing decisions based on first impressions. In addition to product quality and functionality, product design and surface refinement play an important role here as well. The product should match one's lifestyle and underscore their individuality. Market demand is therefore increasingly directed towards effect coating formulations that enable a high-quality and customized product design and at the same time communicates functional product characteristics. Our effect pigments, with their impressive glitter, luster, sparkle, and dynamic color, produce a visual improvement in all kinds of paints and coating. With an effect pigment coating, products can be precisely positioned and thus stand out from the multitude of products on offer.

With their impressive glitter, luster, sparkle, and dynamic color our effect pigments produce a visual improvement in all kinds of paints and coatings.


We have put over 50 years of experience into developing new generations of decorative effect pigments, allowing manufacturers to lend a contemporary and high-quality appearance to a wide range of products. Our decorative pigments:

  • Add value and positioning to products
  • Include a broad range of color, luster, glitter, and shimmer effects
  • Are supported by reliable expert application advice


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