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Conductive Coatings

Conductive Coatings make material surfaces antistatic and conductive.

Sometimes a tiny spark caused by static electricity can bring unwanted consequences. There's a simple but effective way to stop static electricity from discharging: make material surfaces antistatic and conductive.


One of the best ways to avoid static electricity from building up and causing accidents is to use conductive materials. These can now be found on floors and a whole host of small items all around us (such as packaging). The right conductive properties make static electricity easy to control and help protect people (and products) from disastrous discharges. The science behind this smart solution is simple: Iriotec® 7000 conductive pigments adds semiconductive particles to surfaces. Our pigments for conductive coatings not only add eye-catching color-lightness but also conduct electricity to increase material durability and performance.


Discover our Iriotec® 7000 Conductive pigments, making material surfaces antistatic and conductive.

Our Iriotec® 7000 conductive pigments allow manufacturers of surface coatings, paints, and varnishes to add important conductive properties to their solutions. Incredibly effective at eradicating static electricity – that's the function of our Iriotec® 7000 range of pigment additives in a nutshell. Available in a variety of light colors and transparent formats, they offer outstanding performance. The surface resistance offered by our pigments ranges from 10^4 to 10^9 ohms, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Ideal applications for Iriotec® 7000:

  • Light colored-conductive coatings
  • Conductive floor coatings
  • Conductive primers that enable electrostatic spray application (ESTA)
  • Translucent antistatic coatings

Product features:

  • Light colors or translucent – or both if required
  • Surface resistance ranging from 104 to 109 ohms
  • Permanent antistatic properties (independent of humidity levels)
  • Strong thermal stability (up to 800˚C)
  • Strong chemical stability (resistant to acids, alkalis, organic solvents, and surfactants)
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