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Using lasers to add permanent and durable marks, such as serial numbers or barcodes, to plastic parts and products makes it easier to reuse and recycle materials - creating a more circular economy.

Beam us into the future. Leaving a mark for sustainability! 

Living in a world without plastic, or synthetic organic polymers, seems unthinkable today. Plastics are included in hundreds of products that we use in our daily lives - from motor vehicle parts, electrical components and cables, food packaging, medical supplies, and sports safety gear to computers and cell phones. We provide a laser marking service where we work closely with each customer to help them find the right solution for the best results.

The technology is very flexible and can be miniaturized for labeling small parts - or used to mark the inside of curved surfaces that would otherwise be extremely difficult to reach. These Laser Marking additives can be a true alternative to paper labels and pad printing and reduce the need of an extra process step in the value chain.

Let's waste less waste!


Wetting agent with Tivida® FL

"More to explore" is our brand promise. That's because there is far more to discover behind the people, materials and methods than anyone thinks. We are the creative possibility developer. With inventiveness, expertise and specialty chemicals, we develop valuable, functional future-oriented solutions. From durable and razor-sharp lasermarking to steadfast brand protection, our Iriotec® 8000 series provides the perfect solution for your needs.

Iriotec® 8825

Gateway to transparency | The most color-neutral pigment for transparent polymers

Iriotec® 8208

Outdoors Legend | Granules for outstanding fast  and dark markings


The Height Of Safety | Granules providing dark markings even in sensitive food packaging applications

Iriotec® 8855

Monolith Marking | Pigment, free from intentionally added heavy metal compounds* for dark markings

Iriotec® 8850

At the Speed of Light | The fastest pigment for several materials

Iriotec® 8817

Cathedral Of Brightness | The pigment for light or dark markings of colored polymers


King Of Light Marks | The black pigment for light markings

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