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Laser Marking Configurator


Laser marking with our Iriotec® 8000 powder and granules is fast, durable and simple. If you are wondering how they react with DPSS lasers, just view our short video, read through, or explore our Iriotec® 8000 brand page.

Probably all of us remember that feeling as a child when we first heard about laser beams. They're portrayed as magical forces that invisibly zap away aliens or etch distant objects into awe-inspiring creations. In everyday production, lasers aren’t quite that dramatic, but their ability to achieve fantastic effects is still – well – amazing. And they're certainly extremely useful. For example, there has been a sharp rise in the demand for laser marking in recent years. We have been working intensively in this area since 1995 and we now offer a wide range of cost-efficient options for laser marking.

Probably the reason science fiction jumped so readily on lasers is that they’re so versatile, powerful, and effective. In industry, too, these are important attributes that have won over millions of engineers and development experts. Lasers keep processes flexible and when they’re used to add markings, the results are totally durable. They also help manufacturers reduce their use of working materials and avoid time-consuming pretreatment. On top of this, using laser beams to label, code, or mark plastic and powder-coated surfaces makes it possible to adhere to the strictest standards of industrial production – on all fronts.

The laser configurator helps you find the perfect product for your laser marking needs. First select the polymer type from the drop-down menu and then select the color of the polymer you want to mark. Once you have made your selection, click on "Check my configuration". You will receive up to 3 product suggestions.

Let's start with your first configuration.


  • Contact-free: Exact and efficient coding without mechanical wear thanks to a clean process that can even be applied to soft, irregular, or curved surfaces.
  • Ink-free: No need for solvent-based consumables.
  • Fast: Razor-sharp markings can even be added at an exact position on a moving part.
  • Highly flexible: You come up with the inscription and a software programmer simply sets up your individual marking in an instant – even in batches of one.
  • Durable: Laser markings are added inside materials, not on them – no need for pretreatment of surfaces; moisture and surface impurities are irrelevant.
  • Highly cost-efficient: Inline material marking is fully automated, avoids costly warehousing of semi-finished products, only requires minimum maintenance, and can be carried out without operating materials.
  • Safe: Zero impact on the protective properties of powder coatings or plastic.


If you've ever wondered how companies actually add pigments to polymers or add a powder coating to a material, the answer lies in how they mix materials.

Before you make a polymer, you already have to decide what color you want it to be. You'll find yourself using a so-called masterbatch or a ready-made compound. This is where the Iriotec® 8000 pigments are already added – directly, before forming the polymer.

If you want to add a laser marking to a powder coating (on a surface, not inside the material itself), the process with the powder coating is the same. The pigment is added to the coating which is then used as normal.

Many masterbatch and compound manufacturers already have experience with our laser pigments and offer finished combination batches or compounds. A variety of powder coating manufacturers also have experience with adding pigments. If your product requires some kind of fine-tuning, or you have to consider individual requirements such as cost optimization, your contact will be happy to provide you or your suppliers with support in finding the right product.


Our customers look for high speed, clean, reliable technology. Explore all benefits of our products for some of these materials in the Laser Marking section.


Here you will find an overview of all laser pigments, and information around the product to simplify your procurement process or order a sample.


To develop circular products and avoid plastic waste is a target and challenge for the industry. Learn, how laser marking contributes to circular plastic.

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