Coatings Effect Pigments preview Application by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany


Iriotec® 7000 – Add sparkle to surfaces the right way

Our pigments for conductive coatings that not only add eye-catching color-lightness but also conduct electricity to increase material durability and performance.

Zap – sparks caused by an unexpected discharge of static electricity are the last thing you need in high-voltage engineering and electronic products – just two areas with unique requirements when it comes to material surfaces and coatings. Long-term exposure to static electricity and discharge can also have a serious impact on material robustness and performance. Smart science offers the solution, making it possible to simply dissipate the charge. By adding Iriotec® 7000 pigments to varnishes, paints, and coatings, not only can the aesthetics of surfaces be enhanced by adding light or eye-catching color, but surfaces also become safer by conducting static electricity. The anti-static, conductive properties of our pigments are permanent. And so is the visual effect, especially if more brightness is required rather than common carbon black.

Product features:

  • Light colors or translucent – or both if required
  • Surface resistance ranging from 104 to 109 ohms
  • Permanent antistatic properties (independent of humidity levels)
  • Strong thermal stability (up to 800˚C)
  • Strong chemical stability (resistant to acids, alkalis, organic solvents, and surfactants)
  • Light colored-conductive coatings
  • Conductive floor coatings
  • Conductive primers that enable electrostatic spray application (ESTA)
  • Translucent antistatic coatings

The science behind this smart solution is simple: Iriotec® 7000 adds semiconductive particles to surfaces.

How it works

Iriotec® 7300 pigments are intrinsically conductive – which makes them ideal for adding a conductive layer to dielectric substrates (materials that are poor at conducting electricity,). To add coatings that actively conduct electricity, the Iriotec® 7300 pigments in the formulation set up a fully conductive “network.” You can’t see this network, but within the surface are tiny pathways or matrices of particles. Because they’re conductive and touch one another, they instantly discharge electricity – extremely useful when they’re added to nonconductive polymers.

Iriotec® 8000 - The Mark of Perfection

Our laser-sensitive pigments for adding accurate and durable markings such as serial numbers, barcodes, and best-before dates to plastics and powder-coated surfaces.

Laser marking is the modern way to individually label your products. A contact-free process! All you need is the right pigments and a focused laser. Where other technologies fail to deliver on difficult surfaces, laser marking using our Iriotec® 8000 pigments provide a long-lasting record on important items. Transform light into writing and ensure your key product information lasts forever.

Product features:

  • High-speed, clean technology  
  • Contact-free processes, zero use of consumables
  • High-contrast, razor-sharp markings
  • Also suitable for soft, irregular, or curved surfaces
  • Possible to apply inside materials for abrasion-resistant, permanent markings
  • Track-and-trace systems for powder-coated parts in transportation
  • UDI (Unique Device Identification)
  • Serialization
  • Game codes inside beverage caps
  • Ear tags for animal identification
  • Cable identification
  • Data-matrix codes and technical information on electronic and automotive parts
  • Scales inside transparent pharmaceutical and medical jugs, cups, and beakers
  • Expiration dates and batch numbers on food packaging
  • …and many more

Iriotec® 9000 - Let there be light & keep it cool

Our Iriotec® 9000 heat-reflecting particles help you beat the heat but still let in the right amount of light.

Iriotec® 9000 products contain tiny particles with a useful ability to reflect near-infrared light. This is a highly effective way to ward off the direct heat created by sunlight. But the shading effect it delivers is selective – so although it helps keep the heat away, light is still allowed to penetrate. As a result, our Iriotec® 9000 products are ideal for greenhouses and similar glass-covered areas. They are popular among architects and construction planners as a means of combating heat while maintaining illumination levels in buildings.

Product features:

  • Provides shade without blocking out all the light
  • Reduces heat by filtering solar energy
  • Creates a pleasant atmosphere and lighting conditions
  • Horticulture (e.g. greenhouses and conservatories)
  • Construction (e.g. winter gardens in public buildings, covered walkways)

Iriotec® 9000 pigments contain layers of mica which have been optimized to allow just the right amount of light to get through. The tiny sheets of silicate minerals in Iriotec® 9000 pigments make it possible to reflect the main source of atmospheric heat: invisible sunlight radiation. Despite this, they have an amazing ability to allow through most visible light. Depending on the individual application and the specific type of area or setup, temperatures can be up to 15˚C cooler than with non-pigmented glazing systems.

The pigments in the Iriotec® 9000 range have a special coating to make them weather-resistant. This also makes our products suitable for a variety of high-performance exterior applications as well as areas requiring a high resistance to humidity, UV light, or both.