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Clean Beauty Journey


Every year, we witness the come-and-go of countless make-up trends and new beauty standards. Some focus on a specific segment, some only come as seasonal inspirations, and some stay with us long enough to become a norm in the beauty industry.

Clean Beauty is one of the long-term trends as it was first created in the '70s as a reference to the fresh-faced, no-makeup look. It has gone through some changes in definition, and today, the scope of Clean Beauty also includes several aspects supporting the growing environmental focus.


What is the official definition of Clean Beauty? Is clean also green in Clean Beauty? Natural or lab-grown ingredients, which are better? What are the qualifications future Clean Beauty products need to fulfill? 

One of the hurdles is the lack of legal guidelines governing the use of Clean Beauty. We understand the challenges to cosmetic brands when developing new products for this segment, as critics are quick to find flaws in an undefined field. 



Our experts take the 'Clean' journey seriously by prioritizing ingredients that are natural, ethically sourced and cruelty-free. And we know the journey doesn't stop here but will develop to even more aspects in the future. With this Clean Beauty guideline, your next 'Clean' formulation will be quicker, more sustainable and highly successful.

Naturity of Ingredients

Ecolabels like ECOCERT/COSMOS or specific guidelines like ISO 16128, can help your formulators select the right ingredients to develop clean products.

Animal Welfare

Considering animal protection as one of our highest priorities, we adhere to the 4R Principle for animal welfare and protection (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement, and Responsibility)

From Food to Beauty

In support of growing gluten-free movement and demand for Halal beauty products, we have certified and provided statements for related ingredients in our portfolio. Are you seeking solutions and considering different ingredients for your upcoming cosmetic products? Our portfolio will be of great value and relevance to you! 

Superhero Ingredients

We focus on multi-tasking ingredients that provide high performance and multi-functional benefits in one shot. Our goal is to facilitate traceability and transparency without impacting effectiveness. 

Ocean Care

Good to know that ocean-friendly suncare alternatives do exist! Looking for solutions? We are pleased to support your formulation developments with many mineral-based UV filters like Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide, which are regarded more reef-friendly.

Banish the Microplastics

We truly care about developing and providing safer alternatives to microplastics. Our RonaFlair® Functional Fillers are sustainable ingredients that – mixed in the right ratio – provide an immediate and effective alternative to microplastics, whilst offering additional cosmetic properties like a soft-focus effect, optical wrinkle reduction, superior skin sensation and transparency.

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